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Managed Print Services, What Every CEO should implement

Print Manament

February 08, 2010

Managed Print Services


How much can Managed Print Services (MPS) save me?

What is Managed Print Services?

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What is the best solution for my organization…?


Managing in-house print needs, your organization can save up to 40% on print costs!

Implementing Managed Print Services (MPS) also called “Print Management Services” should be part of any company’s strategy looking to uncover new and effective ways to save money.  Over 68 percent of organizations surveyed said better management of their printing assets is a strategic necessity, pointing to cost savings and improved visibility of print activity as the driving push for their decision to implement (MPS).

Particularly during a time when corporations are cutting back, more than 89 percent confirmed their plans to implement print management solutions or Managed Print Services in order to reduce the costs of printing, storing, sharing and the keeping of documents updated.

“It is clear that corporations throughout the United States are now, more than ever, embracing solutions and services that have potential for cost savings, particularly if those solutions bring added value and visibility to otherwise difficult to track costs such as printing costs,” says Paul Devereaux, President Ecotech Imaging.  “We have seen a surge in demand to proactively monitor print devices which effectively; lowers all costs related to printing, streamlines supply fulfillment and eliminates burden from various job functions such as; Accounting, IT staff, and purchasing departments among others.”

Most companies do not have measurable cost controls in place to keep their printing costs in check.  Following is what any organization can expect to find with a print assessment or print fleet assessment from Ecotech Imaging:

  • More effective deployment of existing equipment which ensures you’re getting the most out of your printers with respect to the printers intended output.
  • Track print usage and service downtime and print history.  With visibility to the printer network, Managed Print Services provides valuable information showing each person, group or departments print activity on any given day detailing the number of monochrome and color printing.
  • Tracking of inefficient printers as well as excessive or unauthorized printing.
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring.
  • Proposal to consolidate billing for all printer related costs including service labor and parts, toner supplies, maintenance kits and in some cases printer equipment and any related leasing agreements.
  • Option for full integration with accounting software allowing for automated charge back to specific personnel and/or  departments or satellite offices.


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 If you can measure it, you can manage it.

According to Gartner, Inc research, businesses spend up to 3% of total annual revenue with in-house printing alone.  Printing documents are expensive to any corporate budget.  And approximately 90% of businesses do not track their total print costs and therefore significantly underestimate or simply to not know what their total print costs are.  Keeping in mind that toner and ink supplies are but only one of the expenses related to printing, other costs include; on-site service, labor, parts, accounting dept invoicing, IT personnel, purchasing, help desk personnel, returns, and vendor management.  The first step in managing any process is to measure it. 

 Case Study:

 The costs of printing becomes a significant expense for any organization when you take into account the number of printer, makes, models, costs of supplying and managing this output technology.  The following case study details an example of a company’s current document output as well as a proposed solution that would help control the cost of printing and increase user productivity:

 Objectives for optimizing proposed print devices:

 To Control Total Cost of Printing associated with reproduction and distribution of documents

  • Partner with a single vendor that will provide consistency in service, pricing, and programs for the management of our document output.
  • Eliminate the IT department's role in repairing the printers and allowing them to focus on their core business objectives
  • To streamline your administrative costs by processing less invoices per month. 
  • To make a positive contribution to the environment by reducing the amount of disposed materials used in the production of documents

 Challenges in managing current print devices:

 ABC Inc. has multiple vendors associated with the production of documents. Managing the vendors is time intensive and expensive.  It also creates a lack of accountability.

  • Acquisition of supplies is out of control.  Departments are purchasing on an as needed basis with no regard for quantity discounts.  Managing the supplies for the various makes and models is time consuming and inefficient
  • USA Corp has no reporting process to track or identify the costs of producing documents.  There is little known as to what USA Corp has, what volume these devices are printing, or what the costs are.
  • The IT personnel are well trained as network engineers and applications specialists, but they have not been trained as printer technicians.  This has caused excess time to be spent in an attempt to repair printer devices.   In situations where the IT department could not resolve the problem, an outside repair company was brought in at additional expense.

 Benefits Summary

 By implementing the proposed solution, USA Corp will realize the following benefits:

 Bundling the supply and service costs into a cost per page program will limit the financial impact on cash flow, allows to pro-actively budget for all related operating expenses, exercise buying power, and gain vendor accountability.

  • Ecotech Data Collection Software (DCS) will allow identification, tracking and controlling of output devices with a reporting system that will enable USA Corp to account for devices and internally recover related operating costs.
  • One vendor providing supplies and services for the document output devices will result in one invoice a month to process.  This will provide an overall reduction in the administration of the fleet.
  • Properly trained personnel will conduct printer repair service and regular maintenance.  This will reduce downtime and provide consistency in service.
  • Reduce waste by moving to a supplies on demand model.
  • Fewer devices strategically placed will reduce required space, power, and supply items dedicated to document output devices
  • A toner cartridge recycle program will reduce USA Corp’s carbon footprint.
  • USA Corp will realize a 45% savings over current document output costs if proposed solution is implemented.

 Ecotech Print Assessment and report, following is provided in solution proposal:

 Current Operation Cost Analysis

  • Summary of current document output costs (Monthly & Annual Breakdown)
  • General Related Costs (IT and Personnel)
  • Comments on the current situation, results of walk through
  • Report Assumptions
  • Proposed Solution
  • Summary: Proposed Solution Costs (Monthly & Annual Breakdown)
  • Proposed Solution Cost Savings
  • Annual Cost Comparison
  • Current and Proposed State Floorplans