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Print Management

Also known as Managed Print Services or (MPS) is a solution based on the capturing of printer device activity. Many costs savings inherent in implementing Managed Print Services include; you only pay for the managed print services (pages) you print regardless of print coverage, there is reduced down time, better allocation of IT personnel resources, billing consolidation and accurate user and department accountability. (MPS) also reduces costs by optimizing an existing printer fleet and gains efficiencies by having software diagnostics proactively dispatch on-site service and fill toner supply needs through an automated process.

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Free Print Assessment

The Ecotech Print Assessment will identify where your organization can get the most out of your office printing environment. We capture printer device activity data, assess your current expenses, incorporate all costs associated with printing and present solutions that provide measurable results. Ecotech can provide you with proven methods to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Learn how leaders at organizations of all size use this strategy to pay less, control spending and get sustainable results.

Partner with a single vendor that will provide consistency in service, pricing, and programs for the management of your document output.

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Print Management
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